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Period affected: 15 May 2024 - 31 November 2024

Long Beach Chalet constantly strives to make improvements to the hotel facilities. For this year, we are happy to inform you that a new (adult only) pool will be built. In addition, we will also welcome a new full service spa, a new reception area and a fitness gym. During 22 June 2024 - 28 June 2024, the liner for our existing pool will be changed. 

Heavy Impact: Seaside Pavilion Room and Seaside Pavilion Deluxe Room S21 - S28 Please be wary of noise between 10 am - 5pm. The construction site can be seen from these units. 

Light Impact: Seaview Villas S15-S18 , Beachfront Villa S14. The construction site will cause some noise to these nearby units.

Construction project 2024.png
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